Deal: Unlocked Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone $267.97


As if all the other great deals we posted about weren't enough, now has the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone Unlocked┬álisted at a low price of $267.97. We have seen prices fluctuate a little in the past, so if you are looking to get your hands on this deal get it fast, it may just go back up again in price before pull the trigger on it. … [Read more...]

HTC 7 Trophy GSM Unlocked Windows Phone for $275 on New Egg

HTC 7 Trophy

With new devices on the horizon, we are starting to see some excellent deals on older Windows Phone handsets. First we saw the Dell Venue Pro available for $299 and today we find the HTC 7 Trophy (GSM model) on New Egg for $275. The CDMA variety was released in the US through Verizon, but this is the European GSM model. The HTC 7 Trophy sports a 3.8" display, 1 Ghz … [Read more...]

Unlocked Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone Available As Ebay Daily Deal


Today only, the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone is available on eBay as the daily deal. Not only is it available at 40% OFF but it's also an unlocked device meaning you can purchase it and use it on any carrier. The MSRP on this phone is $499.99 but is on sale for $299.99 with FREE shipping. The phone is brand new and you save $200 on the purchase. Remember, this is an eBay daily … [Read more...]

Microsoft Says “No Soup For You” To WP7 Devices Unlocked With ChevronWP7

WP7 Homebrew

Those who used the ChevronWP7 unlock tool before it was removed have received an OTA update that revoke's ChevronWP7's certificates. Essentially, that means it locks the devices again, so the few homebrew apps that were released will no longer work. It appears those hoping for sideloaded homebrew apps will have to wait for a sanctioned version, if that ever happens. via … [Read more...]