Microsoft and ChevronWP7 Partner To Deliver Windows Phone 7 Developer Unlock Tool

ChevronWP7, a software tool that unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices, was discontinued back in 2011. At the time, the developers indicated that they would be working with Microsoft on a possible official route to unlocking. The group met with Microsoft in January. Through this discussion, we established a mutual understanding of our intent to enable homebrew opportunities … [Read more...]

First Preview For Device Manager

The first preview video for the much anticipated Windows Phone Device Manager has been released. This thing looks excruciatingly badass, and I cannot wait for it to come out. Manage applications, files, ringtones, sync, view device info, it functions over WiFi. Can Microsoft just hire this guy already? He's doing a much better job of it than they are. … [Read more...]

With ChevronWP7 Gone, Homebrew Will Remain

The ChevronWP7 team has been in a locked room with the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 guys for a couple of days, and they've just made a blog post about it. While under NDA for much of what they've discussed, the hacker team sounds happy with the progress made, and while Chevron won't work after the next OS update, they're working on a compromise that will allow some degree of … [Read more...]

New Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak In The Works

Julien Schapman, the brains behind the upcoming WP7 device manager, has promised a new way to jailbreak with WP7. With ChevronWP7 set to be patched in the first upgrade to the OS, jailbreakers are looking for new ways to get at their phones. Talking to WinRumors, Schapman said: "My unlock method is similar to that of ChevronWP7 in the way they both use a fake registration … [Read more...]

All-In-One Device Manager And Unlocker In The Works


Julien Schapman, the brains behind TouchXPerience,┬áis working to create an single application that will allow you to load and unload files, sideload installers, unlock your device, and pretty much do all that wonderful nosing around that Microsoft does not want you to do. Here's his official description: Windows Phone Device Manager allows you to manage your Windows Phone 7 … [Read more...]