TouchXperience User Interface, Making Progress

Remember when we reported back in December that TouchXperience was headed to Windows Phone 7? Since the last demo video, significant progress has been made on this alternative user interface. The developer, Julien Schapman, says that TouchXperience now benefits from Metro UI to create fully customizable screens in which you can place applications, contacts or even … [Read more...]

Nokia Claims They Can Customize The Hell Out Of Windows Phone 7

On this site, I've previously railed against the evils of manufacturer and carrier customization, as I think it's a major problem, leads to market fragmentation, and half of what's wrong with Android. Windows Phone 7's greatest strength is its steller interface and user experience, and letting manufacturers run slipshod over that seems a recipe for disaster. Unlike other … [Read more...]

TouchXperience Headed for WP7

TouchXperience was originally a project designed for Windows Phone 6.5, which would offer a major graphic overhaul to the ailing OS, with a new home screen, animations, and a boatload of customization. However, it took so long to develop that by the time it hit beta, the platform was all but dead, and everyone was interested in WP7 instead. Naturally, the developer decided to … [Read more...]

Panorama And Pivot Controls Coming In Next Windows Phone 7 Beta


Ever since Windows Phone 7 was first announced, the UI features that grabbed most of our attention where panning and pivot, one for putting extra wide content on the phone, and the other to flick through panes. Developers were disappointed that these features didn't quite make it into the WP7 preview release. Luckily, it's been confirmed that these features will land in the … [Read more...]