Great Deals On Samsung Focus, Samsung Focus Flash, Nokia Lumia 710 And More Windows Phones


Between Amazon Wireless and we have found some great deals on some of the best Windows Phones available today (all at off contract prices!). Included in these great deals is the recently released Nokia Lumia 710 which you can purchase off-contract at a sale price on Amazon Wireless in either black or white. We will spare you all the lengthy reading on what the price of … [Read more...]

Verizon HTC Trophy Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

The long awaited first Windows Phone 7 device for Verizon has shown up on The phone is listed at a price of $599.99, which is a pretty steep price but most likely not official. Best Buy usually lists items that haven't been officially announced yet at a ridiculously high price for the sake of protecting accidental sales. In other sources, Engadget received … [Read more...]

HTC 7 Trophy MicroSD Slot Uncovered


When an enterprising owner of the HTC 7 Trophy first pulled apart their device, we saw a mass of silver tape covering much of the internals of the phone. A user at a has done something that gives me the heebie-freaking-jeebies, and actually had the guts to peel off the tape to find the MicroSD slot. So yes, technically you can get to the MicroSD slot on the phone, … [Read more...]

Verizon Powered HTC Trophy Landing on WP7 In Early 2011


The first Verizon WP7 phone? It looks like it might be the HTC Trophy. This flyer was sent through to Engadget and shows a special deal for Microsoft employees, where if they renew their Verizon contract for another two years, they get the phone plus some free accessories for $200 — more or less what us plebeians would expect to pay. It's quad band, so you won't be stuck with … [Read more...]

HTC Officially Announces Five Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

HTC has just officially announced Five WP7 phones, over a slew of carriers. They are the Surround, Mozart, Trophy and HD7. Here's the full description and carrier details: HTC 7 Surround Whether it be gaming, movies or music, HTC 7 Surround is the ultimate multimedia device. With a unique slide-out speaker and integrated kickstand with integrated Dolby Mobile™ and SRS WOW … [Read more...]