Surprise 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games $0.99 Sale Is Permanent


Remember those 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games we posted about dropping in price? Whether you do or don't, now there is no rush to download them in hesitation of an eminent expiration. The price drop is permanent! In a strategy produced by Microsoft, they worked with developers to drop the prices on the seven involved Xbox LIVE games to go alongside the release of the Nokia … [Read more...]

Microsoft Confirms Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games $0.99 Sale – ‘Get ‘em while they’re hot’


Microsoft has apparently made their own announcement about the 7 Xbox LIVE games sale we posted about earlier this week. Not much information in the article besides the games being all on sale for the same (awesome) low price of $0.99. Nope, not even information on the duration of this sale was given. We did however get some type of hint, if you want to take it as that, about … [Read more...]

7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games On Sale For $0.99


The following Xbox LIVE games on the Windows Phone are now on sale for an indefinite time!: Angry Birds Download Burn the Rope Download de Blob Revolution Download Doodle God Download IonBallEX Download Max & the Magic Marker Download Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp Download Remember, all Xbox LIVE games have a free trial available, so check each game out before … [Read more...]