Motorola Blaze Touchscreen On Tap for Verizon

We have yet to see specs, but it appears that Motorola is prepping a new touchscreen device being dubbed the Motorola Blaze. The upcoming device was on a list of devices that would include Verizons visual voicemail (yes, the same feature found on the iPhone). We are still not sure if this is even a smartphone and if it will carry the Moto Q brand. While Blaze could be a … [Read more...]

First Touch Screen Moto Q To Debut in 2008

According to a popular technology blog, Motorola is planning on releasing a touch screen based Moto Q in 2008. The rumor claims Motorola will release a 3G QWERTY entry-level smartphone that runs Windows Mobile 6. This would be a departure for Motorola, as all of the current Moto Q smartphones run Windows Mobile Standard, known to many as Windows Mobile … [Read more...]