HTC TITAN II To Join Telstra Windows Phone Lineup In April

HTC Titan II 4G LTE Windows Phone

Following the March release of the Nokia Lumia 800 in Australia, when April rolls around the HTC Titan II will also launch through Telstra. At a Telstra event last night, employees received confirmation that the HTC Titan II will launch through Telstra in April 2012. The HTC Titan II will become the fourth available Windows Phone through Telstra when it is launched, alongside … [Read more...]

HTC To Bring Out New Windows Phone Lineup With Apollo Release

Pocket-lint received information from HTC about their future Windows Phone lineup. HTC will release their new Windows Phone lineup as soon as the next version of the Windows Phone operating system, code named Apollo, is available. Apollo is expected to release later this year, and until then HTC doesn't plan on releasing any entirely new Windows Phone handsets. Kouji Kodera, … [Read more...]