How To Restore Your Missing SkyDrive Files On Windows Phone

With the recent SkyDrive changes that took place on the eve of December 2, some users came to realize their SkyDrive files weren't showing up in their Office Hub on their Windows Phone devices. Most users realized such an issue through way of a message telling them their files were deleted or couldn't be downloaded. Michael Stroh over at the Windows Phone Blog assures all users … [Read more...]

Meet Your Windows Phone Emoji Family (Part One)


As part of Tip Tuesday this week Michael Stroh posted an image of just some of the Emoji icons available to Windows Phone users after the recent Windows Phone 7.5 update. Stroh promises he will post a part two with more icons and key combinations next week, for the next Tip Tuesday. Emoji icons are an easy way to express yourself via text or other scenarios to another … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Blog Visual Guide On Custom Ringtones

We'll keep this post short and to the point just like they did over at the Windows Phone Blog; With the release of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, as many of you know, you can now create and use custom ringtones on your Windows Phone. Below is a visual guide provided by Microsoft, along with two great links you must check out before even thinking about adding a custom ringtone to your … [Read more...]

Saving Your Battery Life On Windows Phone 7.5


As part of Tip Tuesday this week over at the Windows Phone blog, Michael Stroh gives us a quick heads up on the new battery saver feature added with the Windows Phone 7.5 update. With over 500 features included in the update, it's expected that everyone is using their current Windows Phone a little (ok, a lot) more. Microsoft included a battery saver feature with the update for … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Basics: How To Search and Find Your Apps in Windows Phone Mango

Search apps in Mango

With over 23,000 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace and more expected with the release of Mango, you might find it increasingly difficult to find apps. Thankfully, Microsoft recognized this and have made some pretty significant changes. Under the current version of Windows Phone called NoDo, you would swipe left and then up to scroll through your apps. As you increase your … [Read more...]