How To Bring Back Windows Phone Marketplace On Zune


Before you continue reading, we warn you this how-to involves quite a bit of PC knowledge, and a registry editor. Well, that was fast, after Microsoft recently completely removed the Windows Phone marketplace browser from the Zune program, users have already figured out some registry edits to get it back. Initially, practically on the day of the removal, users had a rougher … [Read more...]

Nokia Welcomes New Lumia Owners With 10 Things Their Windows Phone Can Do


As expected, Nokia is being helpful and awesome by welcome all new Lumia 900 and Lumia 710 users to the Windows Phone world. This time, Nokia has posted a great rundown of 10 things you can do with your Lumia Windows Phone. The tips are also great to read and know about even if you don't have a specific Lumia Windows Phone. You might find out a thing or two that all Windows … [Read more...]

The Complete Windows Phone Emoji List


Remember back in the beginning of December, when we brought you part one and part two of only some of the Windows Phone Emoji to be found in the operating system? Well, whether you remember or not, WPCentral did some sniffing around on the Windows Phone operating system with determination to find all the Emoji goodness. Find it all they did indeed. Not only did they find all of … [Read more...]

Meet Your Windows Phone Emoji Family (Part Two)


Last week we gave you part one of a two part collection of Emoji icons you now have available on your Windows Phone 7.5 device. Courtesy of Michael Stroh and the team over at the Windows Phone BlogĀ (as part of Tip Tuesday), below you have another sampling of the many Emoji icons available to you as a Windows Phone user. Now remember, these key combinations will only show as … [Read more...]

Web Browsing Tips For Windows Phone IE9 Mobile

Hopefully by now you have spent plenty of time with your new Windows Phone 7.5 device, whether you simply updated your original Windows Phone or purchased a new one. Hopefully you know the many ways IE9 Mobile has changed and how useful it has become, with small significant things the browser on your Windows Phone 7.5 has become very powerful. Windows Phone Blog has pulled up a … [Read more...]