Nokia Lumia 610 Now Available In Mexico


The low-tier Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone is now available in Mexico. In honor of its launch, you can even purchase the Lumia 610 through Telcel on Plan Telcel 100 and the device is absolutely free. Below we break down the current prices and information for you folks in Mexico. Nokia Mexico Lumia 610 product page. Nokia Lumia 610 through Telcel on Plan Telcel 100 - … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 800 Coming Soon To Mexico


The latest March - April 2012 Telcel catalog is now available on their website. Making front page and inside headlines is the Nokia Lumia 800. The Mexico based carrier is expected to receive the Nokia Lumia 800 soon. According to a tip received by WMPoweruser, the Lumia 800 is expected to launch in Mexico between March 23rd and 26th of 2012. Pricing is absent in the catalog, … [Read more...]