ZTE Tania Coming To The United States By The End Of 2012


The ZTE Tania is already available in the United Kingdom and China, and now ZTE's head of North American business, Lixin Cheng, confirms it will come to the United States. Cheng confirms the ZTE Tania will arrive in the United States before the end of 2012. Considering the rumored ZTE Acer W11 will launch in October 2012, we assume the Tania will make a U.S. arrival sometime … [Read more...]

ZTE Tania Now Available Through China Unicom


ZTE is third up to offer a Windows Phone in China after the quick race to first between HTC and Nokia. The ZTE Tania is now available through China Unicom, although no price has been given. If you live in China you may have to go out and discover the price in a store where the Tania is available. For the China Unicom version, the ZTE Tania has a processor upgrade from 1 GHz … [Read more...]

ZTE Tania Available In The UK With Promise Of More Handsets In 2012

The ZTE Tania Windows Phone is now available in the UK on contract at tariff points between £10 - £20. There is speculation about an off contract price of about £250, but no confirmation. The ZTE Tania is a budget entry ie. low tier Windows Phone available from ZTE. The Tania, specifically, is the first ZTE Windows Phone available in the UK and they ZTE expects great success … [Read more...]