Found Footage: WP7 Running 1280×800

Last month we posted a video of WP7 running on a 1280x800 resolution, but it was a blurry handycam version. This is a direct feed of something similar, running third party apps. It's all done through an emulator, which is slightly struggling. I still don't understand why Microsoft doesn't embrace WP7 for tablets rather than the exceedingly problematic Windows 7. [via … [Read more...]

Found Footage: Windows Phone 7 Running Tablet Sized

This awesome little video shows WP7 running on an emulator at 1280×800 rather than the standard 800×480. Rather than just awkwardly blowing everything up and looking horrifically pixellated, the OS appears to use the space wisely in order to fit more content on the screen. Watching this, I can't help but think how perfect the tile-based interface of Metro UI would be on a … [Read more...]