Video: T-Mobile HTC HD2 Unboxing

The HTC HD2 launch event isn't until next week, but if you're reseller like Let's Talk that moves plenty of phones, you get early access to the latest devices. Thankfully, they've gone ahead and given us a very well done unboxing video of the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2. Sure it won't Windows Phone 7, but is that going to stop you from wanting it? via WMPowerUser … [Read more...]

T-Mobile HTC HD2 in the wild, coming soon

Nothing like a group of "in the wild" photos to start off a Monday morning and that's what we've got courtesy of TMONews, who brings us some gorgeous shots of the upcoming HTC HD2. We're expecting a March 24th launch date and got one step closer with the HTC HD2 appearing as "Coming Soon" on T-Mobile's website. It's not Windows Phone 7 Series upgradeable, but will … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 release date set for March 24th

We just saw pricing yesterday and now we've got what appears to be a pretty firm release date for the HTC HD2. According to a leaked internal document, the HTC HD2 will launch on T-Mobile on March 24th. As we noted yesterday, it will be priced at $199.99 with a 2-year commitment. You can also purchase the HTC HD2 outright for $449.99. For those wondering, T-Mobile refers the … [Read more...]

AT&T To Be Premier Launch Partner for Windows Phone 7 Series


In the US, AT&T is the premier partner for Windows Phone 7 Series. According to Steve Ballmer, the goal is to deliver phones by the holiday season. You can expect Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint to have the new phones. Expect a big push from AT&T and one has to wonder if that will coincide with the expiration of their Apple iPhone exclusivity. … [Read more...]