Windows Phone 7 Heading To All Five Big UK Carriers

The big five of UK mobile service providers — Orange, O2, Vodafone,T-Mobile and Three — will all be carrying Windows Phone 7 devices when the new platform launches. You'll also be able to buy the phones via The Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u. [via Engadget] Full press release follows: … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 To Be GSM For 2010, No Sprint or Verizon Til Next Year

We just heard that Verizon won't be getting any WP7 handsets this year, but they're not the only ones. Windows Phone 7 will be strictly GSM for the first months of its existence, according to CNet, which means no Sprint, either — you'll be limited to either AT&T or T-Mobile. Why? "We had to make some trade-offs," senior product manager Greg Sullivan told CNET today. "Even … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 Update Sort of Available

Screen shot 2010-05-14 at 11.40.37 AM

We haven't received official word yet from T-Mobile, but there is a software update for the HTC HD2 that's available on their site. TMONews was informed the update is coming and fixes a number of bugs, one of which causes the device to freeze. This update might be official, but it might not be the final update. Tread carefully if you download  Software Version 2.13.531.1. … [Read more...]

HTC HD2 available today from T-Mobile

After months of waiting, the HTC HD2 goes on sale today in the US through T-Mobile. The HTC HD2 is priced at $199.99 (with a 2-year agreement) or $449.99 outright. Most will agree, the HTC HD2 represents the pinnacle of Windows Phone devices. So, are you planning on picking up the HTC HD2? Let us know in the comments or in our HTC HD2 Forums. … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Offering HTC HD2 as part of BOGO promotion

The HTC HD2 is not available for sale yet, but we've already got news of a deal headed our way. Yes, the HTC HD2 will be part of T-Mobile's upcoming BOGO or Buy One, Get One Free promotion. The promotion starts on March 15th and ends March 31st. We expect to see the HTC HD2 released on or around March 24th. To be eligible, you'll need to sign up for the T-Mobile "Even … [Read more...]