Box Cloud Based Storage App, Now Available on Windows Phone

Box on Windows Phone

Those in the market for a cloud based storage application should be pleased to hear that Box has released an app for Windows Phone. The company is "betting" that Windows Phone will grab the the number three position among mobile operating systems and has put thrust behind support of the platform, along with support for the upcoming Windows 8 release. Matthew Self, vice … [Read more...]

Video: Installing a microSD in Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus microSD install

Despite all the warnings, we know that many of you are likely going to upgrade the memory on your Samsung Focus. Here's a brief video that outlines the steps to upgrading the storage memory by installing a microSD card. The card used in this particular video was a SanDisk 32GB bulk-packaging microSD that was priced at roughly $90 with tax, shipping at Amazon. Note: It's … [Read more...]

AT&T Alerting Customers Not To Install MicroSD in Samsung Focus


While the Samsung Focus is supposed to fully support microSD expansion, now comes word that AT&T is telling employees to in turn tell customers not to install the cards just yet until Microsoft issues a "fix". There has been some chatter about the reliability of cards and perhaps this fix is intended to address those reliability issues. Since customers have to zero out … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Devices Will Have Expandable Storage, Sort-Of


This is very interesting. It turns out that many of the WP7 devices will have expandable storage, but using it will require a hard reset. According to Paul Thurrott some of the WP7 phones have micro-SD card next to the battery, which can be swapped out to provide greater storage. However, you can't just slide it in and out, because the phone treats the built-in storage and the … [Read more...]