HTC Releases Windows 6.5 Update for Sprint Touch Pro2

If you are the owner of a Sprint HTC Touch Pro2, like PacoJR, you'll be pleased to see that HTC has released the much anticipated update to Windows Mobile 6.5. The official list of enhancements include: Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.5 Added HTC Sense UI enhancements Improved Social Networking integration Includes a variety of minor bug fixes Once you download … [Read more...]

Sprint Touch Pro 2 to receive Windows Mobile 6.5 on March 19th

Good news for owners of the HTC Touch Pro2 on Sprint. All signs (and an internal memo) point to you receiving an update to Windows Mobile 6.5 on March 19th. What can you expect? Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.5 Added HTC Sense UI Enhancements Improved Social Networking Integration Includes a variety of minor bug fixes Good news for all. PPCGeeks … [Read more...]

Verizon Testing HTC TouchPro2 Sense 2.5, Release Coming Soon

According to a Verizon employee, the company is currently testing a new version of Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM for the HTC TouchPro2. The new ROM reportedly includes an TouchPro2 version of Sense 2.5. Before you get your hopes up, there won't be any versions of this ROM floating around. As one would suspect, the Verizon employee testing this ROM "likes his job too much to … [Read more...]

Verizon Wireless Releases GPS-Unlocked Rom for Samsung Saga

Verizon Wireless has released CE97 Software Update for the Samsung Saga including "Open Standalone LBS Supported and Performance Enhanced". According to reports, the Samsung Saga owners are finding the GPS is now unlocked. So, if you are a Samsung Saga owner, go grab the update now. Let us know how you make out in our Samsung Saga forums or in the comments. [via BGR] … [Read more...]

Everything Q Software Mobile Heist

For a limited time, you can save up to $20 on a select group of applications for the Motorola Q at the Everything Q Software Store. You can save up to 50% off on over 40 top selling applications for Windows Mobile Standard. The promotion includes such popular apps as PDANet, SmartTweaker and ExtremeText. Visit our Software Store for a complete list of programs being offered … [Read more...]