Windows Phone 8 VoIP And Video Chat Support Will Allow Applications To Be Built-in And Run In The Background


There has been plenty of talk about when Skype on the Windows Phone would be updated to run in the background, and if it would also ever be built-in to the Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8 will actually bring VoIP and video chat support to all supported devices. This was announced as a feature of Windows Phone 8, so it seems current devices may not ever see Skype run in the … [Read more...]

The Future Of Skype For Windows Phone Remains A Slow-Developing Mystery


Skype has been running under the Microsoft powerhouse for many months now, yet with the release of Skype on the Windows Phone OS recently, it just does not match up with a true Skype experience. Lets be honest, apart from the dilemma of Skype running well on the Nokia Lumia 610 or not, the application is useless all together. Microsoft released Skype on the Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Skype No Longer Available On Nokia Lumia 610


Despite the fact that Nokia performed some testing and claimed the application works just fine, Skype is no longer available for download on the Lumia 610. Although Nokia "proved" that the Skype application works fine on the Lumia 610, Skype performed extensive testing to assure these claims. Skype performed the tests in communication with Nokia, so as not to point fingers at … [Read more...]

Nokia Confirms Skype For Windows Phone Works Well On 256 MB Devices, Despite ‘Necessary’ 512 MB RAM


When Skype officially launched on the Windows Phone, it was immediately known to many that the application would only work with a minimum 512 MB RAM. Since then, Nokia has performed internal tests with the Lumia 610 Windows Phone which proved the application works well on 256 MB RAM capped devices. A Nokia spokesperson went on to stateĀ "Skype is available for the Lumia 610 … [Read more...]

Skype Beta Ends – Full Version Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace

skypeicon The promised full version April release of Skype on Windows Phone has been fulfilled. The official Skype for Windows Phone application is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace as version, a final download size of 6 MB, 15 supported languages, and allĀ for the great price of absolutely FREE. The list of features are listed … [Read more...]