Why No Flash Or Silverlight on Windows Phone 7?

Two conspicuous absences in the abilities of Windows Phone 7 are Flash and Silverlight — the latter especially, as it is developed by Microsoft themselves. TechRadar talked to Microsoft's Andy Lees, president of the mobile communications division, on the issue, and this is what he had to say: "It's not a religious thing; we support standard H.264 video in the browser. We're … [Read more...]

Make My App Allows Simple, Custom Apps For Windows Phone 7

Developer Jay Desai has made a very cool little utility called Make My App, which allows you to custom generate a Windows Phone 7 application. It's still in its infancy, with few features, but it shows great potential to be a fantastic service. Right now, you set a custom background, and pull in feeds from RSS, Twitter and Facebook, and then save it as a XAP. Since it's so … [Read more...]