HTC Determined To Bring Sense To Windows Phone 7

Previously, I've railed against HTC for undermining the beauteous simplicity of Metro in their attempts to bring the Sense UI to WP7, but they appear to be determined to do so anyway. According to Forbes, the manufacturer is convinced that customizing the OS is a good thing. Drew Bamford, head of User Experience for HTC believes that they will be allowed to use Sense … [Read more...]

HTC Not Happy With WP7 Over Lack Of Customization


One of WP7's big selling points is the unique visual aesthetic, which is meant to carry over through all the applications on the phone, making everything feel like part of a unified whole. Personally, I think Microsoft's hard line against manufacturers and carriers significantly changing the UI is a fantastic thing, and prevents the platform from descending into unusable … [Read more...]

HTC Denies Sense UI At Launch

Even though we've seen multiple leaks about Sense UI For Windows Phone 7, including a very convincing video, HTC says that Sense won't be used immediately. Says HTC CEO Peter Chou: “Initially, we don’t have time to bring things on top of that. But over time we will innovate on top of that to provide some HTC experience. "I don't think we would do complete Sense UI on Windows … [Read more...]

Apps On HTC Sense UI For Windows Phone 7 Unveiled


We saw a leak the other day for HTC's custom Sense UI App, which they're going to slap on top of WP7, and will doubt slow things down horrendously. While it's very pretty, we don't have a very high view of manufacturer's adding their own content on top of a vanilla OS. Regardless, WMPU has gained a list of apps that the custom hub will add: Weather – we have all see this … [Read more...]

HTC Sense UI For Windows Phone 7 Leaked

This video alleges to the be the mooted Sense UI that HTC wants to slap over the top of WP7. We don't know if it's the real thing, a mockup, or an incredibly well done hoax. So far everyone seems to love the idea, and it does look pretty. But I'm going to say no. You know why? Because it will be a beast of bloatware. It doesn't match the WP7 native Exchange UI, and all those … [Read more...]