Windows Phone 8 SDK Landing Page Up

Windows Phone 8 landing page

At some point in the not so distant future Microsoft will release Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and we suspect it might be around the September 5th event. With the release coming something soon, the planning is well under way and the fruits of which can be seen in the form of a landing page. If you are a developer, you can bookmark the page where it's promised there will be links to … [Read more...]

Beta Google AdMob Windows Phone 7 SDK Now Available

For all you developers out there: With Google's goal of expanding developer offerings, the Google AdMob beta SDK for Windows Phone 7 is now available. Before you continue reading, keep in mind that it is a beta SDK and not everything is final. With the Windows Phone 7 SDK, developers can easily integrate advertising into their applications, control where the ads appear, and … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Devs Denied Access To Camera

According to Fortune, WP7 devs are hitting a roadblock with certain app types: they can't control the camera. For reasons unknown, the SDK didn't include the tools or documentation for pulling information from the lens. Which makes making photography, video chat and AR apps just about impossible. Two app makers interested in developing for Windows Phone 7, Layar and Fring, … [Read more...]