Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, And HTC Will Release First Windows Phone 8 Devices


The big four Windows Phone manufacturers to introduce the first Windows Phone 8 devices later this year have now been named. Qualcomm processors have already been certified and confirmed to be installed on all Windows Phone 8 devices, for the moment, we know that already. The big four manufacturers to release the first Windows Phone 8 devices are Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and … [Read more...]

Deal: Unlocked Samsung Focus 2 Available Through MobiCity Australia


Australian mobile retailer MobiCity now has the Samsung Focus 2 Windows Phone available unlocked for the price of $AUD 649.00! The unlocked Focus 2 available through MobiCity includes a standard 12 month warranty and is currently in stock. Also of note, the only available color is white, and a option free endless SIM starter pack is also available with purchase. With your … [Read more...]

ChatON Application Now Available Exclusively On Samsung Windows Phones


The much anticipated cross-platform ChatON application from Samsung is now available for Samsung Windows Phone users. We initially heard about the application alongside the announcement of the Samsung Omnia M Windows Phone back in May. You can now download the ChatON application through the Samsung Zone in the Windows Phone marketplace directly on your device. The ChatON … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8 Preview Devices Going Around In Australia


It seems Microsoft, or the involved OEMs if anything, have chosen to hide some Windows Phone 8 devices down under in Australia. According to multiple sources at WPDownUnder, there seems to be "credible corroborated information" on at least three OEMs testing out Windows Phone 8 devices in the country. Who are the big three OEMs hiding out some future devices in Australia? … [Read more...]

Deal: Samsung Focus 2 On Sale For $0.01 Through Amazon Wireless


The Samsung Focus 2 4G LTE Windows Phone just became available earlier this week, yet it is already available for a big sale on Amazon Wireless. Specifically, you can purchase the Samsung Focus 2 through Amazon Wireless for only $0.01 (that's a penny!). Here's the simply pricing breakdown at the moment through Amazon Wireless: New AT&T Customers Individual Account - … [Read more...]