How to install the NoDo update to your Windows Phone 7 device

Windows Phone 7 February Update

With the NoDo update  now available for both the Samsung Focus and LG Quantum, you are going to want to update your Windows Phone 7 device to the latest and greatest. If you have questions, we've got you covered with this quick tutorial on how to update your Windows Phone 7 device. … [Read more...]

AT&T NoDo Update Now Available

NoDo update

We had heard that NoDo will make it's way to the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus on April 19th and thankfully that has become a reality. Yes folks, the first software update is upon us. Fire up your Zune software (or Windows Phone Connector for Mac users) to install the update. NoDo will not be delivered to the HTC Surround, as confirmed earlier by Eric Hautala of … [Read more...]

Microsoft Update On AT&T NoDo Release With AT&T Only Features Included

Shortly after the leaked internal AT&T email hit the net, Microsoft responded with a blog post confirming that NoDo update is one step closer. Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering, made the informative post which didn't exactly confirm the April 19 release date, but simply that "Windows Phones sold by AT&T are a big step closer to getting updates." Of … [Read more...]

Last In Line, AT&T Finally Sets A Date For NoDo Release

In an exclusive internal email posted over at WinRumors, AT&T has finally set a date for the NoDo update release. The release  is (finally!) set for April 19, upon which NoDo will be available all at once for LG Quantum and Samsung Focus devices. It seems HTC Surround users won't be so fortunate, as AT&T states that NoDo release won't happen until mid-May release. There … [Read more...]

Windows Phone Receives a Benchmark Application, WP Bench

WP Bench is exactly what the name suggests, a benchmarking application. It is the first and only one available for Windows Phone 7 and despite having zero competition, it is quite good. For the most part, phones will all have similar benchmarks as all the WP7 devices have similar specifications. The video above from WPCentral, shows the benchmark running on the Focus, Quantum … [Read more...]