Verizon’s First Windows Phone 7 to Arrive Late March

Remember the article we posted about ten days ago that mentioned Verizon CTO Tony Melone stating that it would take a lot for Verizon to sell WP7 devices? Well, it seems Verizon has finally decided to accept a third OS (along with iOS and Android). According to WinRumors, Verizon is planning to announce the HTC 7 Trophy as early as February 28, 2011 as their first Windows Phone … [Read more...]

HTC Arrive To Be Sprint WP7 Handset?

Screen shot 2011-01-24 at 9.26.39 AM

This is the barest, the absolute slimmest of rumors. All we have is a logo, courtesy of Engadget, and the assurances of their source that it will be a Windows Phone 7 handset on Sprint. The Arrive was apparently previously called the Ruby, and the name has just been trademarked. Not exactly proof of the highest calibre, but enough for us to perk our ears up and pay … [Read more...]

Report: Sony Has WP7 Handsets In Pipeline

Sony has never flat out said they won't be making a Windows Phone 7 handset, but we haven't seen much from them suggesting they will. If we're to believe industry source and gossip mongers DigiTimes, they've got something up their sleeves: Sony Ericsson products in 2011 will have an entertainment theme, and will mainly support Android but Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices are also … [Read more...]

2 Million Windows Phone 7 Units Shipped?

We still have no idea how many WP7 phones are actually in individuals' hands, but further estimates make it seem that Microsoft is shipping them out to sellers pretty frequently. TheNextWeb crunched some numbers, and they think that Microsoft has now sent out 2 million devices. How do they get to that? Microsoft officially announced that in the first six weeks of sales, 1.5 … [Read more...]

Samsung To Make Twice As Many WP7 As Android Smartphones Next Year?

In what I put down to an error in communication, an article from AsiaOne about the future of smartphones has a very oddly worded, but interesting, statement: Next year, Samsung will introduce 15 to 20 new smart-phone models using Android, Windows, and Brada operating systems. For every 50 smart phones using Windows, it will make 24 using Android and five using Brada. If … [Read more...]