Nokia 703 Allegedly Leaked


A tipster sent WMPU this snapped shot of a phone that might be the Nokia 703. Now, something like this would be easier to fake than an actual screenshot, because shooting a computer screen with an actual camera hides a myriad of flaws. That said, here's what we (and internet sleuths) can make of the specs listed below the image: Display: LCD 480x800 pixels, 3.7 … [Read more...]

Mango SDK To Be Available For Developers Today Along With A September Release Date Announcement

Neowin has reason to believe from their sources that the Mango/Windows Phone 7.5 SDK will in fact be released for developers at some point today. The SDK is expected to release alongside the UK/US unveiling of the consumer based features. This initial SDK release will be a Beta so it is not final build. Also coming from Neowin's sources, there will be an announcement on the … [Read more...]

Windows 8 To Crib Design Notes From WP7?


Russian site has a number of screenshots from what they claim is Windows 8, and the new OS looks extremely influenced by Metro UI. The typeface, look and feel of the leak is definitely reminiscent of its mobile little cousin. At the same time as these shots have come out (and shown that familiar font), rumors about Windows 8 claim that there will be a tile based … [Read more...]

WP7 To Get NFC Payments?

NFC (near field communications, if you want to get fancy) is a technology that's gaining a lot of momentum right now, and in its simplest application will allow you to pay for things just by waving your phone at them. According to Bloomberg, Windows Phone might be getting the software to run the technology soon. Microsoft plans to include mobile-payment technology in new … [Read more...]

New Windows Phone 7 Update In The Works To Fix Security Holes?

The vast majority of users are still waiting for their NoDo launch, and it looks like Microsoft's already working on another minor upgrade, this time fixing some security holes. Microsoft recently issued a security advisory for fraudulent security certificates for a number of popular sites, including Google, GMail, Skype, and Yahoo. The certificates have since been stripped, … [Read more...]