Rumor: Samsung Releasing Another Windows Phone This Summer Besides ‘Mandel’


Yet another report from WPDang has the website claiming from multiple sources that Samsung is releasing another Windows Phone Tango device this summer, besides the Samsung "Mandel." The supposed device to release alongside the Samsung Mandel, is codenamed "Minuet." There is not much information on a more precise release date or more specifications about it, according to … [Read more...]

Rumor: Samsung Is Set To Release At Least Three New Windows Phones In 2012


Remember that Samsung "Mandel" Windows Phone that went through the FCC on paper about a month ago? According to Chinese website WPDang, the phone is due for a first half of 2012 release. Although it will most likely adopt a different name upon release, many are expecting it to arrive as late as June. Samsung is also currently expected to release at least two other Windows … [Read more...]

Rumor: Acer W11 Slider Windows Phone 8 To Launch October 2012


A thread was posted over on the Acer-Club Russia forums detailing (what we will take as rumors) the big Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Office 15 releases by Microsoft later this year. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Office 15 will all have the same release date according to the forum post. What we are really here for is the supposed release of an Acer Windows Phone device … [Read more...]

Rumor: AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 To Arrive Much Sooner Than April 22


According to a proclaimed assistant manager at a California AT&T store over on The Verge forums, the Nokia Lumia 900 is currently set at a tentative April 8th release date. The Verge admits they had no way of immediately verifying such information (no one does at this moment really), but that Microsoft Stores are expecting shipments to be ready for the second week of April. … [Read more...]

Rumor: Second Week Of May To Bring Nokia Lumia 900 To Europe


We may know about the Nokia Lumia 900 coming soon to retail stores in the United States, but we are much more in the dark about when it will be available in Europe. According to a "reliable source" over at WMPoweruser, the Lumia 900 will reach O2 Germany and the rest of Europe between May 7th and 13th of 2012. Yes, we will take this as a rumor for now. The handset will also … [Read more...]