Custom Ringtones in Windows Phone Confirmed For Mango Release

Custom Ringtones Windows Phone Mango

Just hours after we published a short guide on how to setup custom ringtones in Windows Phone 7, there comes word that you'll be able to add assorted ringtones to your phone in Mango. The process to use custom ringtones in Mango will change requiring you use a third party app.  With that you'll be able to  create a ringtone on your PC and have it set up on your Windows Phone. … [Read more...]

How to customize ringtones in Windows Phone 7

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How to customize ringtones in Windows Phone 7 Customizing ringtones is a great way to personalize your Windows Phone and it's the latest in our series of Windows Phone 7 Tips and Tricks. Setting ringtones for specific functions or people can also prove to be useful and a time saver. It will also let you know when your boss is calling, so you can safely ignore your phone, … [Read more...]