HTC HD2 release date set for March 24th

We just saw¬†pricing yesterday and now we've got what appears to be a pretty firm release date for the HTC HD2. According to a leaked internal document, the HTC HD2 will launch on T-Mobile on March 24th. As we noted yesterday, it will be priced at $199.99 with a 2-year commitment. You can also purchase the HTC HD2 outright for $449.99. For those wondering, T-Mobile refers the … [Read more...]

Verizon To Release Moto Q 9c on May 9th


Verizon Wireless today announced the MOTO Q 9c will be available in the company's online store and in Verizon Wireless business sales channels on May 9. Customers will be able to purchase the newest member of Verizon Wireless' MOTO Q family at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, including those in Circuit City, in the coming weeks. The MOTO Q 9c is the perfect smartphone … [Read more...]

Sprint Moto Q 9c Set To Release November 23rd

As we reported back in October, the Sprint Moto Q 9c is indeed on target for a November 23rd release. From all counts, the upcoming Sprint Moto Q 9c will be the CDMA variant of the Verizon Moto Q 9m. Past indications were the Moto Q 9c would be similar to the Moto Q 9h. The Moto Q 9c will feature GPS, Documents to Go and you can expect an assortment of Sprint software, most … [Read more...]

Verizon Moto Q 9c Confirmed Via Rebate Form

The often rumored Verizon Moto Q 9c appears to be on track for a fall release according to an upcoming rebate form. The rebate form includes both the currently shipping Moto Q 9m and Moto Q 9c. The offer is valid October 9th through November 26th. Various blogs have leaked Verizon's fall lineup, but the Moto Q 9c has not been spotted until now. Many expected AT&T to … [Read more...]