EverythingQ Now EverythingWM, Offers Expanded Windows Mobile Coverage

As many of you within the EverythingQ community are aware, Motorola has been focused on developing Android phones. The company remains committed to Windows Mobile, but it's not likely that we'll see any new Windows Mobile phones from Motorola in 2009. A few months ago, we surveyed our members and asked our readers how this move by Motorola affects them. When the time to comes … [Read more...]

EverythingiPhone Announces Rebranding and Domain Name Change to EverythingiCafe

Our sister site Everythingiphone.com, the largest independent online resource for news, discussion and reviews of Apple's iPhone, today announced the domain name change and rebranding of its website to www.everythingicafe.com. The new property, http://www.everythingicafe.com, will not only be home to the community forums, user reviews and news everythingiphone.com members … [Read more...]