Fruit Ninja Joins The $0.99 Roster Of Xbox LIVE Games On Windows Phone


Fruit Ninja now joins the ranks of some of the best Xbox LIVE games on the Windows Phone that have received a permanent price cut, all the way down to $0.99. Fruit Ninja had an original price of $2.99 since release, but now with competition (Angry Birds and others) lowering their prices to only $0.99, Fruit Ninja will join the ranks. According to sources, the price cut … [Read more...]

Three More Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games Reduced To $0.99


After the 7 Xbox LIVE games that went on sale recently for Windows Phone, another three games have now joined the reduction wave. This time around Battlewagon, Deer Hunter 3D, and Glyder: Adventure Worlds have all been reduced to $0.99. While these three games may not be some of the best, especially compared to the original seven games that went on sale, it's great to see the … [Read more...]

Surprise 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Games $0.99 Sale Is Permanent


Remember those 7 Xbox LIVE Windows Phone games we posted about dropping in price? Whether you do or don't, now there is no rush to download them in hesitation of an eminent expiration. The price drop is permanent! In a strategy produced by Microsoft, they worked with developers to drop the prices on the seven involved Xbox LIVE games to go alongside the release of the Nokia … [Read more...]

Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Game Tentacles Gets Dog Eat Dog DLC And Permanent Price Drop


Not only has the Xbox LIVE game Tentacles recently made it's DLC content 'Dog Eat Dog' available, but has now also received a permanent price drop alongside the¬†Glow Artisan Deal of the Week. Although the price drop of Glow Artisan is only until March 27th, the price drop of Tentacles from $4.99 to $2.99 is permanent. Tentacles recently made the Dog Eat Dog Expansion DLC … [Read more...]