Deal Of The Week: Pocket God On Sale For $1.99


After one original Xbox LIVE game on the Windows Phone, The Harvest, was on sale last week, now Pocket God is up. As the Deal of the Week until May 15, 2012, Pocket God is on sale from $2.99 down to $1.99 (you save $1.00!). Unfortunately, Pocket God is not up to par with all the episodes available on iOS and Android, so they may as well add this game to the $0.99 roster. … [Read more...]

Pocket God and Fruit Ninja Head To Windows Phone 7


Pocket God and Fruit Ninja are both incredibly successful iOS games, and now both are available on Windows Phone 7. Fruit Ninja is a simple game where you viscerally slash fruit that's thrown at you, resulting in gloriously juicy splatters that go absolutely everywhere. It has XBox LiveĀ achievementsĀ and leaderboards, and will set you back $2.99, though there's a free trial. … [Read more...]