Nokia Pulls Out Their Best Xbox LIVE Driving Games On Windows Phone


With owning a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, and any Windows Phone for that matter, you of course have access to the massive Xbox LIVE community. With a wide collection of games, with genres of all variety, Nokia wanted to call out the best driving games you can play with Xbox LIVE. Of course, these games are their own best in their opinion, and you may just have different … [Read more...]

PAC-MAN Kart Rally Gets A Price Cut Only A Few Days After Release


Well, that was fast, Xbox LIVE game PAC-MAN Kart Rally just released this past week and only a few days later has received a price cut. The price cut brings the not-so-well-received Xbox LIVE Windows Phone game down from the launch price of $4.99 to $2.99. For many who initially downloaded the game, they noticed it was either not worth the high price or it was just a clone … [Read more...]

PAC-MAN Kart Rally Now Available On Windows Phone Marketplace


The first Xbox LIVE Windows Phone game allowing head to head multiplayer over local WiFi, PAC-MAN Kart Rally is now available. You can get PAC-MAN Kart Rally for $4.99 on the Windows Phone marketplace. You'll immediately noticed that this game is a easy-to-notice copy of Mario Kart, down to the power-ups and maps. Either way, the features this Xbox LIVE game introduces, as far … [Read more...]