T-Mobile announces Joyn RCS-e service for current and future Windows Phones


In a recent IFA Preview Event that took place in Munich, T-Mobile (in this case Deutsche Telekom), gave insight on the future of their upcoming RCS-e service. The name of the service is Joyn, and part of the future insight was the fact that the service will be integrated into Windows Phone 8, and available as an application for older Windows Phone devices (Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Deal: Pay As You Go Nokia Lumia 610 On Sale For £129.95 At The Carphone Warehouse


The previous Nokia Lumia 710 deal at Carphone Warehouse is now over, but next up is the Lumia 610. You can now purchase the Lumia 610 Windows Phone through Carphone Warehouse for £129.95 (plus a £10 topup). The regular price of the Lumia 610 through Carphone Warehouse is £180, so you are saving a good amount of money. With your purchase through Carphone Warehouse you … [Read more...]

Deal: Nokia Lumia 710 With £20 App Voucher For £99.95 At The Carphone Warehouse


Over at The Carphone Warehouse, you can purchase a Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone for £99.95 and you will also receive a free £20 application voucher. The free application voucher has absolutely no restriction, you can use it to purchase any applications you want on the Windows Phone marketplace. You can purchase the Lumia 710 at The Carphone Warehouse through the following … [Read more...]

Nokia Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 Available In The UK On June 1st


If you remember the awesome Nokia Lumia 800 that received the Batman treatment, you should be jumping up and down even more now because the Lumia 900 will go Batman-mode soon for the United Kingdom. Yes, unfortunately the good ol' USA is left out of this limited promotion once again. Moving on then, presenting the Nokia Dark Knight Rises Lumia 900 Windows Phone arriving in the … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Now Officially Available In The UK – Exclusive Through Phones 4u Until May 27th


People of the United Kingdom, the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone is now officially available to you for purchase. Initially, the beautifully different Lumia 900 will be exclusively available (especially in white) through Phones 4u until May 27, 2012. Once May 27, 2012 comes around, more retailers besides Phones 4u will have the Lumia 900 available for purchase. Here's what … [Read more...]