Nokia partnership with Genius Brands International brings Baby Genius to the Windows Phone


Nokia previously announced that they have a bunch of partnerships coming through for Windows Phone. Most of the partnerships will bring Nokia Lumia exclusives first, so get used to it. However, don't be discouraged if you own a Windows Phone that's not a Lumia. Remember, most of these Lumia exclusives are only temporary. Nokia reveals yet another partnership, this time with … [Read more...]

Draw Something and Words with Friends will definitely be 60 day exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones


According to WPCentral, they have apparently received confirmation that Draw Something and Words with Friends will be exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones for exactly 60 days. We previously mentioned a Nokia Conversations blog that set the exclusivity to "a couple of months", and with this information the exclusivity will literally be a couple of months - at 60 days. The … [Read more...]

According to server logs, Windows Phone 8 devices are already among us


Now,¬†this is news worth reading. The developers behind the Windows Phone wallpaper application -¬†Love Wallpaper HD - have sent WPDang some interesting screenshots. The screenshots show off more than a handful of possible Windows Phone 8 devices! As you will come to notice in the screenshot attached, most of the devices are Nokia manufactured, but there is more to it. The … [Read more...]

Nokia recommends five applications useful for exploring with your Windows Phone this summer


Summer 2012 has been around for some time now, and that means you will be taking some much needed vacation time. Yes, you do deserve a vacation! Nokia is kicking off yet another series over on the Nokia Conversations blog where they have put together some great "exploratory" applications for your Windows Phone. Each application title is a link to the Windows Phone … [Read more...]

Nokia India launches the Amazing Money Back Challenge for Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 Windows Phones


The Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone was just announced (and became available) in India, but that doesn't mean the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 will be left out of the picture. Available through the Nokia India Facebook page, Nokia has launched the "Amazing Money Back Challenge" in India. The Nokia money back program applies to both the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 Windows Phone. Nokia … [Read more...]