Nokia Lumia 900 Software Update Available

Nokia today announced an update is now available for the Nokia Lumia 900, both in US and Canada. The update is more of maintenance update with some minor feature enhancements. This update brings the following enhancements for US Lumia 900 owners: Flip-to-silence feature Camera performance enhancements Battery performance enhancements Startup sequence … [Read more...]

Pink Nokia Lumia 900 Available Starting July 15th

pink Nokia Lumia 900

Like many successful phones, companies often change up the colors to reel in new customers. The Nokia Lumia is no different. Currently available in assortment of colors, today we get word that starting on July 15th, a pink Nokia Lumia 900 will be available. You can grab the new color at AT&T stores or online at AT&T. A promised update to Windows Phone 7.5 is also in the … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Beats iPhone 4S, Galaxy S In Outdoor Readability Testing

Lumia 900 outdoors

If you own the Nokia Lumia 900, then take comfort in knowing that you own the best in class phone when it comes to outdoor readability testing. This comes from DisplayMate labs, who conducted testing and gathered data on viewing displays in an outdoor environment. The win can be attributed to Nokia's use of a ClearBlack Display, which helps to counter the use of an AMOLED … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Gets Magenta Color

Magenta Lumia 900

With the release of the white Lumia 900, we though perhaps the color parade was over. Not so according to a Finnish retailer, who shows a magenta Lumia 900, with availability slated for May. It's still not clear if we'll see the magenta version in the US, as this might be part of the European release. Seems like this would sell pretty well here in the US. Anyone wanting … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia 900 Costs $209 In Build Materials

Nokia Lumia 900 cost

According to iSuppli, purveyors of smartphone parts and costs, they estimate the cost of build materials for the Nokia Lumia 900 to be $209.00. The manufacturing cost is a paltry $8.00, bring the net total to $217.00. When you consider the retail price of $99, that is $118 below the build cost. That doesn't take into account the $100 rebate they are extending to consumers who … [Read more...]