Poll: Have you received the February Windows Phone update?

Last month, Microsoft announced a 'pre-update' update known as the February Windows Phone update. The update didn't offer any enhancements or features. It was intended to prepare your phone for the upcoming NoDo update that is slated for early-March. NoDo brings speed improvements, copy & paste and improved search in the Marketplace. There were reports that some Samsung owners … [Read more...]

Some Dell Venue Pros Shipping With NoDo Already Installed?

While most of us sit and twiddle our thumbs, waiting for a pre-NoDo update to land on our phones, rumor has it that some Dell Venue Pros are shipping with NoDo pre-installed. According to WPCentral, some buyers in India are finding their phones can already copy and paste. According to their tipster: "My friend just picked up a new Dell Venue Pro in India. And it has the … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 “Mango” To Get IE Mobile 9, Due In September


While we wait for NoDo in early March, we're hearing that IE Mobile 9 will be in the Mango update. IE Mobile 9 will reportedly offer HTML 5 support. Microsoft hopes to get the release out to handset makers in time for their holiday release schedules. The August/September timeframe for release makes sense if that's the plan. Windows Phone 7 currently runs IE Mobile, … [Read more...]

No Go for “NoDo” WP7 Update According to Carriers

According to an article just posted on Neowin.net, the now long awaited "NoDo" Windows Phone 7 update won't be released until March 8. Neowin.net claims that according to some sources close to phone carriers the update might have actually released February 7 like many were anxiously awaiting. The catch is that the update only released to carriers and other closed parties only … [Read more...]

Zune Software Update Released, Unrelated To Windows Phone 7 Update

Yesterday, Microsoft pushed a Zune software update which sent up warning flares that perhaps it was a sign that we'd see the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update. According to Zune support, it's unrelated to the Windows Phone 7 Update. "It’s a small bug that affects only certain customers – very little was actually changed, and it has to do with Windows Phone device driver level … [Read more...]