HTC Arrive To Have NoDo Preinstalled? [updated]

According to PhoneScoop, when the HTC Arrive hits stores on March 20th, it'll come with NoDo preinstalled. That's right folks, you'll be able to copy and paste. Huzzah! Sprint has informed Phone Scoop that the HTC Arrive, which will become available starting March 20, ships with the NoDo Windows Phone 7 update preinstalled. This updated system software includes cut and … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Delayed Until “Latter Half of March”

Copy and Paste WP7

Microsoft today provided some insight into how updates make their way through the testing phase to our phones. Of most importance to our readers, they have announced the 'NoDo' Windows Phone 7 software update has been pushed back to the "latter half of March". Eric Hautala, GM Of Customer Experience, cleared up a number of misconceptions regarding updates along with information … [Read more...]

NoDo Windows Phone 7 Update pushed to second half of March?

Just last month, Steve Ballmer indicated that 'NoDo', Microsoft's first major update to Windows Phone 7, would be released in "early March". The prevailing thought amongst insiders was March 8th would be the release date and some thought it might come earlier. Microsoft has never offered a specific date. The pre-update (which prepared your phone for NoDo), known as the … [Read more...]

NoDo ROM For HTC Mozart Pops Up Online


If you don't want to wait for your carrier to push out the hotly anticipated NoDo update for your phone, you may be able to take your device's safety into your own hands if you have a Mozart, and update it yourself. Those rapscallions at XDA have obtained the ROM file through some nefarious method, and put it up for general use. User DearMond laid out how to install the … [Read more...]

February WP7 Update and NoDo Coming Monday?

NoDo Windows Phone 7 Update

ChevronWP7 found Rafael Rivera advises that the February Windows Phone Update will be released on Monday and it will be joined by the NoDo update. Rivera was one of a few ChevronWP7 developers who met with the Windows Phone team last month, so it's certainly plausible that he has an inside track. NoDo (No Donuts) brings the much needed copy&paste, performance enhancements that … [Read more...]