Acer Will Produce WP7 Phones This Year

We've been patiently waiting for Acer to get off their rears and produce a WP7 phone since September, and if Digitimes is to be believed, we're going to have to wait a little while longer. While not a very precise statement, they're saying that Acer will produce a WP7 handset in 2011, though without giving any more information about when or where they will be available. Acer … [Read more...]

No Nokia WP7 Phones Until End Of Year

According to the Guardian, those gorgeous Nokia concepts we've been drooling over might not land for a very long time. See, Nokia isn't jumping on board the Windows Phone bandwagon until Mango comes out, which isn't planned to happen until October at the earliest. Apparently, Elop has been very careful only to mention "Windows Phone" not "Windows Phone 7," plus his caginess … [Read more...]

Yahoo! Blames Microsoft For Data Woes

The official culprit in the phantom data saga has been identified, and now Yahoo! is on the defensive, trying to come out of this looking like it's not their fault. So they've done the only logical thing, and put all the blame on Microsoft. “Tens of millions of people check their Yahoo! Mail from their mobile device each day and we know they want their mobile mail experience … [Read more...]