Nokia To Announce ‘Significant Industry News’ At MWC 2012 – Watch It Live


Mobile World Congress 2012 is set to begin on February 27th, and Nokia is taking the stage first thing on day one. In a Nokia press release¬†it has been stated that "Nokia will host a press conference, where it will announce significant industry news." While we hope this isn't news we already know (see: Nokia taking the number one spot), we really don't have any other … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s MWC Windows Phone 7 Keynote In Seven Minutes

Steve Ballmer at MWC

There was plenty of news in today's Mobile World Congress keynote featuring Steve Ballmer and Joe Belfiore. The folks at have edited the hour long presentation into a very manageable 7 minutes. We've detailed the Windows Phone 7 software roadmap√∑ here if you're not the video type or looking to digest the info in less than seven … [Read more...]

Microsoft Outlines Windows Phone 7 Software Updates For 2011

Steve Ballmer just concluded his presentation at Mobile World Congress and the future certainly looks bright for Windows Phone 7 users. Ballmer pointed out that the Marketplace now has over 8,000 applications and the software development kit has been downloaded over 1 million times. Developers are developing for Windows Phone. This all in roughly four months of being on the … [Read more...]

Microsoft Promises More Info On WP7 Update At MWC

On Microsoft Mobile's German Facebook site, we've had the first official confirmation that they'll talk about the much awaited update to Windows Phone 7 at the upcoming Mobile World Conference, starting next week. Thanks to Google translate, this is what they said: In recent days, the questions piled up at the scheduled update, and we do not want to leave you in the rain: At … [Read more...]

Windows Series 7 Interface, Mystery Phone Leak

Less than an hour away from Microsoft's event at MWC, but it images are coming out from a banner that show the interface for Windows Mobile 7 and a possible new device. The interface shows boxes displaying missed calls, texts and emails. There is also what appears to be Facebook integration in the top right of the interface. The new Windows Series 7 devices appear to have some … [Read more...]