Navigation Improvements Coming With Mango Update For Windows Phone


Rachel Jiang, Program Manager of Windows Phone Engineering, has posted an article over at the Windows Phone Blog detailing navigation improvements coming to Windows Phone later this fall. The improvements will come to all Windows Phone devices with the Mango update come this fall. From the basics to multitasking, Jiang goes deep into details of all the improvements coming. … [Read more...]

Multitasking on Windows Phone with Multitask7 (Homebrew)

Jaxbot over at Windows Phone Hacker, the same person who discovered the "Dehydration hack", has taken it a step further and is developing an application called "Multitask7". An application which adds multitasking capabilities to Windows Phone, something that won't be possible for third party applications until the Mango update. … [Read more...]

Registry Hack Brings Instant Resuming

If you're plagued by the "Resuming..." screen that occupies WP7 while it thinks, then this hack might make you extremely happy — though we don't know its side effects yet. Spotted by Windows Phone Hacker, this tweak will bring you back to exactly where you were when you return to an application, without the resuming warning. If you have a developer unlocked device, all you have … [Read more...]

How Multitasking Works In Windows Phone 7

Multi-tasking in Windows Phone 7

This video provides you an overview of what you can expect from multi-tasking in Windows Phone 7. To initiate "fast task switcher", you simply have to hold the back button. This brings up cards, which you can easily swipe to access different apps. The metaphor is similar to how Apple's iOS handles multitasking, but they show a tray of apps at the bottom as opposed to a card … [Read more...]

January Update To Bring Turn-By-Turn GPS, Skydrive, App-Switching?

Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 9.23.13 AM

Twittered MS_nerd has posted a handful of rumors about the upcoming January update to WP7. If his sources are correct, then we'll see not only the already confirmed copy-paste functionality, but also turn-by-turn GPS navigation, Skydrive, and app-switching based multitasking. If true, this means the January update will bring a huge number of new features, which will really … [Read more...]