Windows Mobile 7 In Beta on Motorola, Samsung Hardware

We're just a week away from Motorola announcing their first Android handset, but it seems they haven't abandon Windows. According to LinkedIn profiles of current and former Microsoft employees, there are several references to the new OS. Sounds as if Windows Mobile 7 will feature a similar UI as the Zune HD. I am responsible for designing and developing the Multimedia subsystem … [Read more...]

Motorola Planning To Release 10 Smartphones in 2009

Not the headline we expected to see, but according to an analyst at Oppenheimer & Co (WMExperts via PhoneArena via E!), Motorola is planning to release 10 smartphones during the second half of 2009. It's still unclear how many of these phones will be "true" smartphones, how many will run Android and more imporantly, how many will run Windows Mobile. In a survey conducted by … [Read more...]

Verizon Moto Q9c Now Includes TALKS Feature

Verizon has re-released the Moto Q9c with a new feature called TALKS. Outside of this new feature, specifications remain the same. TALKS for Verizon Wireless is a screen reader that adds speech to the standard user interface by using Windows Mobile to convert text displayed on the handset to highly intelligible speech. Rate of speech and volume of speech can be … [Read more...]

Motorola To Focus On Android in 09′, Windows Mobile in 2010

Motorola reported their earnings yesterday for Q4 2008, which saw sales in mobile devices slip due to "gaps in their portfolio".  The company will focus on Android in 2009 and applications that focus on social networking. With so many manufacturers developing Android handsets, Moto believes social apps will help differentiate them. CEO Sanjay Jha spoke about upcoming … [Read more...]

Motorola Layoffs Hit Windows Mobile Development

Motorola will lay off 77 employees in their Windows Mobile Development group located in South Florida, as part of their 4,000 employee layoff nationwide. This comes just weeks after reports the company will focus solely on Android and our report that the company will not be developing a new Moto Q. The company's smartphone display at CES 2009 was minimal, with the Moto Surf … [Read more...]