Motorola Q Pro Coming Q1

The Motorola Q is expected to get an upgrade for Q1 of 2007. The Motorola Q Pro will feature MOTOPRO Mobility Suite and a black casing. MOTOPRO Mobiliy Suite is a software package installed on your back end that allows you to do remote device management, application management, and disabling of the camera unit. The Motorola Q Pro device will include a firewall, data … [Read more...]

Motorola Q Pro Photo Surfaces

We just reported yesterday that Motorola was working on the¬†Motorola Q Pro, the follow-up to the Moto Q smartphone. Today, thanks to¬†Gizmodo, we have a photo of the new Motorola Q Pro smartphone. Specifications are still not confirmed, but it's being reported that it will feature the MOTOPRO mobility suite. One of the features being the ability to disable the camera. … [Read more...]