Stacking up the Moto Q11 vs iPhone vs Moto Q9h

The Moto Q11 has been making the rounds this week with it's release in Brazil and now showing up on Motorola's site. It won't hit the states officially until December of this year, but we'd thought it'd be fun to see how the new Q compares size wise to the iPhone and the Moto Q9h Global. The Moto Q11 appears to be smaller from all angles, which I'm guessing should be more … [Read more...]

Motorola Releases Windows Mobile 6 point 1 Update for Moto Q 9h

Motorola has released the official Windows Mobile 6.1 update for the Moto Q 9h. You can download the WM 6.1 update directly from Motorola. Windows Mobile 6.1 offers a variety of enhancements, most notably for Windows Standard which runs on the Moto Q. Most notably is the enhanced home screen that features sliding panels. This update will also bring threaded SMS and a … [Read more...]

Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade Coming Soon to Moto Q 9h

It appears the official release of Windows Mobile 6.1 for the AT&T branded Moto Q 9h promised by AT&T earlier this year is around the corner. Some sites have procured the ROM and some users have had success upgrading to the 6.1. From all accounts, it is the official update, but it has not been released through the Motorola's software update. We'd recommend waiting for … [Read more...]

Moto Q 9h Trumps iPhone

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute study engineers and a consumer panel compared 11 new QWERTY phones under $300 (suggested retail price with a two-year service) along with the iPhone ($400 suggested retail) and evaluated the phones for simplicity of text-messaging, text delivery speed, battery life, as well as ease of placing calls and voice quality. The Moto Q 9h came … [Read more...]

Motorola Q 9h Unboxing

In this video unboxing of the Moto Q 9h for AT&T, we take a quick look at what's included with the Motorola Q 9h along with a few comparisons to previous Moto Q models as well as other smartphones. Initial Thoughts First off, it's nice to finally see the Moto Q 9h released here in the US. There had been so much speculation as to release dates, so it's exciting to … [Read more...]