Sprint Brings Back Moto Q9c

Sprint has brought back the¬†Moto Q9c, a phone that mysteriously disappeared from Sprint's website back in June. Sprint's online site is once again¬†offering the Sprint Moto Q 9c. The Sprint Q9c ships with Windows Mobile 6.1 and it's being offered at $99.99 after rebate. Still no word on why it was removed, but we're glad to see it back in action. … [Read more...]

Sprint Moto Q 9c EOL

Several reports have been coming in that the Sprint Moto Q 9c is no longer available for purchase on Sprint's website. Sprint customer service representatives have confirmed the Moto Q 9c is not available and will not be restocked. With both the Moto Q and Moto Q 9c out of stock at Sprint, it could be that we are due to see a new Moto Q release, despite no rumors of such a … [Read more...]

Verizon To Release Moto Q 9c on May 9th


Verizon Wireless today announced the MOTO Q 9c will be available in the company's online store and in Verizon Wireless business sales channels on May 9. Customers will be able to purchase the newest member of Verizon Wireless' MOTO Q family at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores, including those in Circuit City, in the coming weeks. The MOTO Q 9c is the perfect smartphone … [Read more...]