The Great Windows Phone 7 MicroSD Kerfuffle Part π

The debate about MicroSD cards and WP7 phones continues, as we try and get to the bottom of what card you can use, and why it works over other ones. It turns out that picking up "Class 4 or better" card isn't actually a fix, because what WP7 needs is more than just speed. As posted in their support article: Determining whether an SD card is Windows Phone 7 compliant is … [Read more...]

The Great Windows Phone 7 microSD Kerfuffle Part Deux


Earlier this week we touched on the problems and lack of information plaguing new Windows Phone 7 owners when it comes to compatible microSD expansion memory cards. To this day, there have been conflicting reports on what works and what doesn't work. Class ratings do not seem to be a guarantee that a card will work in your Windows Phone 7 device. Right now, it's all over the … [Read more...]

MicroSD Installation and Voiding Your Warranty

Despite Microsoft warning everyone not to install MicroSDs just yet, everyone (us included) seem keen to add some more storage to their phone. Unfortunately, not every device is easy to get into. The HTC HD7 has the MicroSD slot placed so that in order to swap out the card, you have to remove a screw which has a sticker on it, which voids the warranty. Luckily, there's a way … [Read more...]

Video: Installing a microSD in Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus microSD install

Despite all the warnings, we know that many of you are likely going to upgrade the memory on your Samsung Focus. Here's a brief video that outlines the steps to upgrading the storage memory by installing a microSD card. The card used in this particular video was a SanDisk 32GB bulk-packaging microSD that was priced at roughly $90 with tax, shipping at Amazon. Note: It's … [Read more...]

The Great Windows Phone 7 microSD Kerfuffle

Keystone cops

There's been plenty said about the expandable storage on some of the new Windows Phone 7 devices. For those of you that picked up a Samsung Focus yesterday, there is no secret location to expand your memory from the paltry 8GB that comes standard. In fact, page 1 of the Quickstart guide shows you how to insert more memory. There was more confusion yesterday when apparently … [Read more...]