Nokia Lumia 610 Now Available In Ireland


The low-tier Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone is now available for purchased in Ireland. You can purchase the Nokia Lumia 610 through the Nokia Ireland product page right now, offered through carriers O2, Vodafone, eMobile, and Meteor. The Lumia 610 is available for purchase on pay as you go (click to view all plans) and pay monthly (also click to view), with prices for the … [Read more...]

Control Windows Media Center with Meteor for Windows Phone 7

Do you have a home theater PC or use Windows Media Center with any regularity? Then you might want take a look at Meteor, an app that will be available for Windows Phone 7. It's currently in development, but will provide users with the ability to access music, TV, movies and recorded TV on your PC using your Windows Phone 7 device. This happens with the use of a Media Center … [Read more...]