AT&T To Be ‘Among First To Offer Mango Update’

Nestled in the announcement of three new Windows Phones, AT&T also provide a teaser regarding the new Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" update for existing customers. AT&T will be "among the first carriers to start updating existing phones". The update will come this fall, so still no concrete date on when we can expect it. AT&T sells more Windows Phones than any other carrier. … [Read more...]

AT&T Introduces HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash

AT&T today announced three new 4G Windows Phone devices would be available in the forth quarter. The HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash will all feature Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango. They used the announcement to advise media that AT&T currently sells more Windows Phones than any other carrier. Samsung Focus S The Samsung Focus™ S builds on the success of the … [Read more...]

Editorial: Will poor marketing doom Windows Phone?

Ballmer Windows Phone

Next month, it will be a year since Steve Ballmer stood in front of a table of new Windows Phone 7 devices. Phones from HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell were all accounted for and would be released in the months to follow. To this day, you'd be hardpressed to pick a winner from that group, although most would likely say it's the Samsung Focus. Campaigns for that phone were minimal and … [Read more...]

Fujitsu IS12T, First Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Device Released in Japan

fujitsu is12t

Fujitsu now holds the distinction of being the first manufacturer to bring a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango handset to market. The Fujitsu IS12T went on sale in Japan on KDDI, despite developers just gaining access to Mango app submissions. Things are getting off to a fast start. Next up is the September 1st HTC event, where we hope to see the HTC Omega and HTC Eternity. Source: … [Read more...]