Exclusive Nokia Creative Studios Windows Phone Application Now Available


¬† Nokia has released yet another Lumia Windows Phone exclusive application, this time it's Nokia Creative Studios. Nokia Creative Studios is Nokia's version of a photo editing application. One of the first noted features of the application is the fact that users can take panoramic pictures. Hopefully, this isn't the supposed panorama mode Damian Dinning hinted at previously, … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia Momentum Map Syncs You With The Nokia Windows Phone World


In the past few days we have quickly grown fond of yet another resource provided by Nokia, the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map. We will keep the explanation short and simple so you can see for yourself just how awesome the website is. When it comes to finding out what Nokia Windows Phones are currently available around the world, photos and videos about them, and even tweets via … [Read more...]

The Color Story Of Nokia Lumia Windows Phones


Karen, over at the Nokia Conversations blog, has let us into the world of colors for the Nokia Lumia (and N9) handsets.¬†Tiina Aarras works at Nokia as the materials designer, and has become the main hand in choosing the final colors for the Nokia N9 and all the Lumia Windows Phones. The process of choosing the final colors for the Lumia lineup was definitely much more … [Read more...]

Nokia Lists 30 Top Apps For Their Nokia Lumia Phones


The official Nokia blog is truly a great place to stop by if you just purchased a Nokia Lumia handset, or are planning to. This time around Trevor, over at the Nokia Conversations page, has posted a list of 30 applications that he can't live without on the Nokia Windows Phone. Of course, some applications, like Nokia Maps, are exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices, while others like … [Read more...]

Nokia and T-Mobile Schedule Dec. 14th Event, Lumia Launch?

T-Mobile Windows Phone Event

T-Mobile and Nokia have sent out invites for a Windows Phone event on December 14th. It certainly appears to us that T-Mobile, the fourth largest US carrier, will be the first to carry the much hyped entry of Nokia into the Windows Phone market. Speculation on what devices might be on tap for the 14th include the Lumia 710, Lumia 800 or possibly an entirely new phone. This … [Read more...]