Nokia With 10 More Things Your Lumia Windows Phone Can Do


A follow up to the original 10 things your Lumia Windows Phone can do, Nokia offers 10 more things you can do with your Lumia Windows Phone. Most of these "things you can do" are tips, tricks, and/or exclusive features available only on Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. With that said, you can find the full list from Nokia right below. 1. Easily input .net, or .org into a URL … [Read more...]

Nokia Trailers Application Now Available Exclusively On Lumia Windows Phones


Another exclusive application is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace just for Lumia owners. Following the release of the also exclusive The Dark Knight Rises application, Nokia Trailers is now available. The title is pretty self-explanatory, it is an application that provides the latest movie trailers, including featured and highlighted trailers as well, all in … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia Exclusive The Dark Knight Rises Application Now Available


To celebrate not only the arrival of The Dark Knight Rises this summer but also Nokia's partnership with the movie, the exclusive The Dark Knight Rises application is now available on all Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. The Dark Knight Rises application includes features such as a visually stunning Metro UI interface, a Foursquare-based game, bonus content such as ringtones, … [Read more...]

Nokia Recommends Some Windows Phone Applications For Your Air Travel Needs


Following up to the great applications for Memorial Day weekend scenarios, Nokia is now recommending some great applications when it comes to air travel. Below you will find applications for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone that will help you get things going smoothly with your air travel adventures. Applications mentioned below are Packing Assistant, Kayak, Travelocity, My … [Read more...]

Nokia Drive 3.0 And Nokia Transport 2.0 Features Detailed


Nokia continues to push out great Windows Phone devices all over the world, and never ceasing to impress are doing just the same with their own applications. Nokia Drive and Nokia Transport are set to receive major updates soon, rightly named Nokia Drive 3.0 and Nokia Transport 2.0. The two applications are part of the great collection available exclusively on Nokia Windows … [Read more...]