Ten reasons why the Windows Phone is a great social smartphone


Not to be biased, but the (easy) social integration found on the Windows Phone OS is unlike anything we have ever experience before. In this post, we want to provide some great information, originally provided by Nokia, on why the Windows Phone is so great at being social. Considering the article is written by the Nokia team over on the Nokia Conversations blog, all the … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia exclusive Batman Origins application now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


We just announced that the Kaliki application is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and now it is time for some more Batman exclusiveness on Lumia Windows Phones. Batman Origins, a prequel comic to the soon-to-release The Dark Knight Rises Batman movie, is now available as an application exclusive to all Lumia Windows Phones. When you open up the Batman Origins … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia exclusive Kaliki application now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


Yet another exclusive Nokia Lumia Windows Phone application hits the Marketplace today. Oh, and we have another one to talk about in the next article related to the good ol' Batman. A definitely unique application, Kaliki is now available exclusively to all Lumia Windows Phones. Below we give you some details on what the application is all about. Kaliki is essentially the … [Read more...]

Nokia properly introduces Play To for your Lumia Windows Phone


Just last month Nokia properly introduced Camera Extras, and this time they are back at it again with the Play To application. Play To is currently available for download in the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Marketplace for all Lumia devices. Below we have the quick tutorial by Nokia Conversations on how to connect and play your media to DLNA capable devices with … [Read more...]

Nokia Lumia Exclusive Six Flags application now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


As part of the many partnerships that Nokia has locked in with Windows Phone, they have now released yet another exclusive application for their Lumia Windows Phones. This time, the official Six Flags applications is available for download on the Windows Phone Marketplace, exclusively to Lumia devices. The Six Flags application serves as the ultimate park guide for any of … [Read more...]