Possible Windows Phone 8 Nokia Lumia 910 shows up in RDA tools


Recently, via Nokia's Remote Device Access (RDA) tools used by developers, a new device under the name "Nokia Lumia 910" has shown up. So far, any information on the device is a mystery, besides it clearly showing up in the RDA tools. The RDA tools are used by developers to keep updated on existing hardware. The immediate speculation by many is that the Lumia 910 model name … [Read more...]

Nokia On The 12MP Lumia 910 Rumors: “Nope Doesn’t Exist”


Update: We have since received clarification on the Lumia 910 12MP rumors from Damian Dinning himself. Our posting below has since been updated. Folks, this is why you can't always give into the Internet rumors so easily. Most of the time, rumors are what people would hope and wish would come to a product, but it's even worse when the rumors are squashed by the companies … [Read more...]